Advanced Thermal Management for ICE and HEV Cars Summit

. With the impending 2017 EPA midterm review growing closer, CO2 emission reduction is at the forefront of vehicle design consideration for OEMs and Tier One’s alike. There is a growing dollars spent/gram of CO2 reduced race, and with valuable ECA credits on the line and drive to meet the C.A.F.E. standards by 2025, thermal management can play a vital part in creating more efficient vehicles. This Conference will explore the major trends facing the Automotive Industry today; in regards to utilizing the latest thermal management technology for emission reduction and better business solutions. As challenges arise in how to balance efficiency and the need to maintain power and performance in both ICE and HEV vehicles, thermal management becomes a valuable tool in cost effectively producing the best overall vehicle.   

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Leading in Uncertain Times

In-Depth sessions on the pros and cons of varying cooling techniques

Look Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Unique focus on both technology and business perspectives of thermal management

Upskill Your Frontline into Leadership Positions

Over 4 hours dedicated to networking with top OEMs and Tier Ones

Main Themes will include, but not be limited to:


Analyzing air vs. liquid cooling – choosing cost effectiveness or greater thermal control


Developing cooling and heating strategies to generate the longest battery life and charge mileage in climates from Phoenix to Buffalo


Packaging and layout of the vehicle as a whole- with thermal management at the forefront- to create the most fuel efficient, powerful car


Creating lightweight HVAC systems to make assist in vehicle efficiency


Utilizing modern HVAC design, dual units and unified temperature for the driver and back seat passengers to meet consumer demand for climate


Directing thermal management towards maintaining efficient battery temperature through powertrain electrification and hybridization


Focusing on thermal management on the battery with attention to the specific demands of hybrid cars


Understanding how simulation and modeling are at the forefront of thermal management solutions

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